The Progress of ICCPFI Agri -farm

The sustainable Income Generating Project are visible in the farm at this time. The coconut were 3 years old already and also the Calamansi which is bearing fruit now and in next few months ready to
Farming is a way to train and educate the children how the vegetables and fruits are grown in the farm by their own hands on personal experience while on the training. It can be also inculcate in their mind that there is livelihood in this side of life. They will appreciate that God designed how the vegetable grow by the help and caring hands of the steward or the gardener.

The output of this project will be a good source of income for the daily needs of the orphanage and its cause, however we are
struggling for the continuation because it need a capital to pursue
the plan for full development of the farm.

Minimal donations has been received for us to start the gardening. We have received also 1 set of solar powered water pump from Bureau of Soil and Water Management of the Department of Agriculture (DA- BSWM). It can irrigate 1/3 of the farm water needs and very useful for the Calamansi and vegetable garden. We also received 100 sacks of organic fertilizer as well as vegetable seeds from the Provincial Agriculture office of Pampanga with the full support of the Municipal Agriculture office .

Coconut plant
Calamansi plant

The sustainable Income Generating Project are visible in the farm at this time. The coconut were 3 years old already and also the Calamansi or Native Lemon which is bearing fruit now and in next few months ready to

Vegetable garden

Enough and continuous water supply is very important in our farming project. For now, the solar powered water pump can supply water for the 1 & 1/2 hectares of the farm area. But when it will expand the water demand will increase and it needs more machine to pump water in irrigating the vegetation.

For comments and suggestions please send email to

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ICC Phils. Foundation Orphanage up date

To our dearest friends, supporter, sponsor, donors and for those are willing to support ICCPFI advocacy.

Sending support may be easier by way of online transfer direct to our bank account.

Your support will be a great blessings to the homeless children in our care. Happy giving to all!

Summer time @ the orphanage
The administration building
The Narra Tree every summer


Account Number: 2053-7000-1394

Bank: PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK – Dinalupihan, Bataan

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Valuable and Beneficial Tour

Traveling for annual holiday is more fun when  doing it together with mission like the 83 volunteers joined The Big Build Philippines Project 2019.

BIG BUILD PHILIPPINES 2019 & ICC Philippines Group

Last January 10-23, 2019 the Volunteers of Big Build Philippines 2019 has arrived in Manila. They were divided in 3 small group that attended sabbath worship in Paranaque City, Pasay Adventist Church and Manila Adventist College Church and shared their testimony about volunteerism and fed indigent children in two area in Pasay City after fellowship lunch that hosted by PAC (Pasay Adventist Church) with Pastor Ronnie Almasan the Senior Pastor.

Lunch at Pinagsama Adventist Church in Paranaque City
(Photo Credit to Jane Billy Opetaia)

After the successful Sabbath experience the group moved to Pampanga to start the most awaited 2 main projects; build the ICCP Orphanage fence, repainting of the children cottages/homes and the Central Luzon Adventist Academy Laundry area roof replacement and repainting of cafeteria as well.

After 2 days of tiring work the group had 1 day break and went to one of the best beach in Mariviles Bataan.

Laki Beach, Mariveles , Bataan (Photo Credit to Jane Billy Opetaia)

The remaining 3 days, they finished the 500 meters residential fence of the orphange and the repainting of CLAA cafeteria.

BB Ph Blue Team at work. (Photo Credit Jane Billy Opetaia)
BB Ph Red Group at ICC Orphanage Project. (Photo Credit to Jane Billy Opetaia)

Part of the tour is to shop in the market of the famous Baclaran Bargain and China Town in Divisoria.

The volunteers were very happy in their accomplished mission through God”s leading towards each one of them.

The Bible said …”it is more blessed to give than to received“…  this is true in the experienced of all volunteers who sacrificed their time, money and effort to do charitable projects.

An inspiration to all who want to have a meaningful holiday. Make it a voluntour, social tourism, travel with purpose, do a project, mission trip and claim the promised blessings for those who sacrificed for the life of the less-privileged children in the Philippines.

During welcome dinner in Pasay City Mr. Henry Suluvale the leader of the group said “From Australia, USA and New Zealand we are here in the Philippines to help the Filipino orphan. We spent our own money for the air fare, we have provided the materials and we will finish the projects.”

From left: Ms. Jane Billy Opetaia BB Ph Team Secretary, Pastor Eliezer Barrientos CLC Executive Secretary, Mr Colin Raymond BB Ph Team Treasurer,
Mr. Henry Suluvale BB Ph Team Leader
and Pastor Jemuel Abcede MAC Senior Pastor and ICCP Board of Trustee.

ICC Philippines Foundation is happy to welcome other group who would like to share their holiday tour with a purpose, to be a part of the life of the fatherless children, to give inspiration to the less fortunate little ones and as an example to other people how to have a happy and inspired life.

Pastor Pedrito G. Magallanes welcome the Big Build Team in Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay City.
BB Ph Team And BASA Air Force 5th Fighter Wing Men Repainted School Roof. ( Photo Credit to Jesselyn Anchorez)

Writer: Kim Demagnaong

Edited by Ms Lorcel Faigao

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Orphaned and Abandoned Children PH.

ASI ADS Resized.jpgWhat Is The Latest Report About Orphans In The Philippines?

The survey says that there are about 1.8 million orphaned and abandoned children in the Philippines as of 2006. The number may increase in the present.

What The Bible Says About Orphans?

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the father means caring for the orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you” (James 1:27 NLT)

What Is The Real Situation Of The Orphans?

Poorest of the poor – Social Justice for the homeless, thirsty, hungry and naked. Deuteronomy 15:7-8 “…you shall not harden your heart, nor shut your hand from your poor brother”. The orphaned and abandoned children are the poorest of the poor because nobody would take care and support to their daily needs. They cannot eat if we don’t give them food, they cannot go to school either if we will not sponsor them, they cannot buy clothes if we will not donate. The big change in their life and good future begins when you start giving NOW.

I Want To Help But How? 

Here are 10 ways you can give a help to the orphans 1. Include them in your prayer. 2. Be a defender for them 3. Give for their needs 4. Encourage their supporters 5. Protect their rights. 6. Go and visit them were they are. 7. Be a channel of blessings to them. 8. Inspire them to move on. 9. Open your home for them.  10. Promote the orphan ministry your church.

What is Orphanage?

 Orphanage is a facility where the orphans are taken care of. They can eat, go to school and cared by the facility staffs or house parents. It should have permit to operate from the DSWD.

What is ICC Philippines Orphan Care Facility?

The program of ICC Philippines Orphan Care Facility is a family setting. Every house has 10-15 children and has a house parent that will act as a real parent to the orphans following Christian values and standard. Training, guidance and teaching them as their own children and influencing them to trust Jesus as their personal savior and to be a productive person in the community someday. It is an opportunity for those who love to help the orphans but not capable in adopting and Foster caring of the orphans. ICC Philippines provided a home for the homeless and father to the fatherless, destitute and unfortunate children.

What is child adoption?

To accept a child which is not your own specially the orphans to become part of your family.  The government regulates the adoption program. The regional DSWD office can help you adopt a child.

 Who Are Adopted Children In The Bible?


When Pharaoh’s daughter spotted the basket she retrieved the child and adopted into the royal family and named Moses. Queen Esther was adopted by his cousin after her parents’ death. Joseph adopted Jesus as his own child.

 What the Bible says about orphans?

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the father means caring for the orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you” (James 1:27 NLT)

What is the real situation of the orphans?

 Poorest of the poor – Social Justice for the homeless, thirsty, hungry and naked. Deuteronomy 15:7-8 “…you shall not harden your heart, nor shut your hand from your poor brother”. The orphaned and abandoned children are the poorest of the poor because nobody would take care and support to their daily needs. They cannot eat if we don’t give them food, they cannot go to school either if we will not sponsor them, they cannot buy clothes if we will not donate. The big change in their life and good future begins when you start giving NOW.

What Is Foster Care? 

The government thru DSWD has Foster care program that allow individual to foster 1-2 children. It is a voluntary act to take care of the orphan while their papers are in the process for adoption.  The child would stay 3-6 months in your care. Then ask another new child. More children, more good influenced, more seeds, more souls to save.

How Adoption and Foster Care Affect our Spiritual life? 

The prophet Isaiah wrote in Isa. 58: 6 Share your bread with the hungry and open your door to the homeless and cloth the naked…”The Lord bids us, “Bring the poor that are cast out to thy house”. Christianity must supply fathers and mothers for these homeless ones. The compassion for the widow and the orphan manifested in prayer and deeds will come up in remembrance before God, to be rewarded by and by (The Review and Herald, June 27, 1893).

How ICC Can I Help In Adoption and Foster Care?

Just simply contact the Registered Social Worker of the facility for guidance, assistance and referrals.

How About Organizing An Orphan Care Facility In My Local Community?

Yes, there is a huge need of having many orphan care facilities in every place where there are many Adventist Christian community. One in every region 1 is good but if more would be better because more than 10% of Philippine population is orphaned and abandoned children to the latest survey. ICC Philippines is 18 years in service and can assist in organizing a new facility

What I Can Help To The Creative Orphan Care Ministry?

You can be a child sponsor, sponsor house parents, sponsor Income Generating Project (IGP), donate cash for general funds, donate rice, personal hygiene, office supplies; you can be a volunteer or ambassador and etc. In Proverbs 19:17 “If you help the poor, you are lending to the Lord- and He will repay you! NLT.

Can I Contact ICC Philippines Orphan Care Facility?

Yes, ICC has a website and the FB Page International Children Care Philippines and ICC Philippines Orphan Care facility please like these pages and add our Facebook account Icc Phils Shining Jewels.You can also contact Mr. Kim Demagnaong Sponsorship/ Donor’s Relation. Globe 09065618001  or send email to

Note:Mr. Leomer Batulayan is also serving as Board of Trustee at ICCPFI.
























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Tree Planting


ICC Philippines Foundation( ICCPF) Orphan Care Facility administrator Lorcel Faigao went  to Department of Environment and Natural Resources( DENR) Region 3 Office to ask assistance of our tree planting program. We were given 100 seedlings of  Cupang and other fruit trees.  We also bought Mahogany seedlings from nearby  supplier.

Last September 2, 2016 ICCP staff and ICC Happy Valley Elementary School (ICCHVES) planted all the seedlings after two weeks of raining and flooding. The teachers carefully instructed the children on the proper way of planting. The students learned how to care for the environment through tree planting and understand that this is a big help to lessen the soil erosion and flood.   The trees should be cared; it is a natural protection against unexpected disaster.

The  place of ICCP is a flooded area every  Habagat rainy season. It might because of the abused of the people by uncontrolled cutting the trees for charcoal and did not plant for replacement. Now, we are calling all people not only in our place but to all Filipinos to plant more trees.

Written by Kim F. Demagnaong, Edited by Lorcel F. Faigao, RSW and Photos by Jenafail G. Hernando

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ICCP 16th Year Founding Anniversary

ICC Philippines Foundation continues serving the Orphaned, Indigent, and Abandoned, Voluntary or Involuntary Surrendered and Abuse children. By the Grace of God, ICCP continues to prosper and being blessed using people who whole-heartedly extending their hands to share their blessings in helping the less fortunate children.

As we celebrated the ICC Philippines Foundation 16th Year Founding Anniversary last June 19, 2016 at 10 in the Morning, we humbly thanked, acknowledged and valued the contribution of all sponsors, donors and benefactor from different parts of the world and in the Philippines who selflessly devoted themselves and shared their blessings for the best welfare of the children in ICCP.

The touching message of Chairman Florante Andres during the program brought tears to all of us, for the majority members of the Board of Trustees attended the event, all 16 ICCP Staff and the 35 children as he encouraged every one to hold hands together in unity, cooperation and have a sincere commitment to continue the service despite financial challenges and work hard to obtain ICCP’s goal and objectives..

Beautiful smiles of hope were seen on the faces of all staff and children even during the preparation as all residents in the facility young and old have cooperated and see to it that the campus is clean, beautiful and ready to accommodate guest and visitors for the anniversary celebration and ICC kids have enjoyed also their singing and dance presentation they have offered during the program.

More guest were moved also and signed the red book for membership as ICCP’s new constituents and pledged to support ICCP in any possible way they can. The successful anniversary celebration was attended and participated by more or less 100 persons.

If you are interested to join us kindly send a message to

Story and photos by Lorcel F. Faigao, RSW, ICCP Administrator

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the-family.jpg.jpegsibling.jpgbro-sis.jpg.jpegFaces of a happy family of Thursday morning May 26, 2016 when the Siblings were reunited at last with their Biological mother in Puerto Princesa, Palawan after being apart together for 6 years.
Aboard 2GO Passenger Vessel from Manila North Harbour to Puerto Princesa port of Palawan, have travelled 19 hours on the sea,  the siblings (Jomar, John Mark and Mary Jane) was accompanied by the ICCP Administrator to re-integrate the children to their own biological mother and new step-father who are now living in Palawan.
Six years ago these children lost their way going to their new home location while they are walking to transfer in another place, when later on they found out that their mother and step-father are not following them anymore. They have experienced physical abused and neglected by the family.
The mother was able to locate the children who are staying in ICC Philippines Residential Care facility through the referring DSWD office and visited them immediately. She cannot show legal documents like Birth Certificate to prove she is their mother, fortunately, the children have recognized her as their long lost mother.
She needed ample time to make it up with the children, save money, fix the children’s Birth Certificate and determination before she could establish stronger family ties again and able to get them back again. Having a simple but happy life with her new partner with 2 younger daughters makes her even desire to re-unite with them her 3 older children.
Although all basic necessities, love and care were given to the three siblings by their house parents and ICCP family, their talent in music and Bible Verse memorization makes them loved by the other children and people around and even though they were physically abused by the former step-father and was neglected still they wished and pray to be with their own real family, their mother and so their prayer request was granted and by the grace of the Lord they were HOME at last.
If you love to help ICC Philippines Foundation in Caring for the orphaned, abandoned and neglected children please send a message to The Sponsorship/ Donors Relation Globe 09065618001 and Smart 09195893060 or email us
Story and photos by Lorcel F. Faigao, RSW.

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October 29, 2015

Dear Donors and Sponsors:

Greetings in Christ!

Praise God for everything!

ICCP life is a life of wondrous graces and providences! God has been so gracious!  At the right time, He gives provisions to ICCP through the donors and sponsors like you. Hence, we, at ICCP would like to send you a poem. Hope you’ll like it.

The Heart Throbs of ICCP

God is so good and so you’re good!

God is so loving and so are you!

He’s so sweet and kind as can be seen in you!

Wondrously He watches and gives provisions through you!

When crisis comes, ICCP is not left behind.

To suffice the need, He knows, He shows, He makes the ways!

To perform His ministry, ICCP works, ICCP serves, ICCP prays

With busy hands and longing hearts ICCP goes on hand in hand with the Divine.

Life’s battle at ICCP, really hard as can be

Typhoons, illnesses come unexpectedly, yet, we face them unitedly

Caring for children, the burden we share, demands multitasks more than our hands could bear

Think who would help, suddenly you’re there to answer our prayer.

God’s hand is not short as He has promised.

His ears are not deaf as he has portrayed.

His eyes are everywhere.  His lips tell you to come over.

Loving donors you come and to ICCP you commit and share.

And so, with big hearts, we praise and are grateful

Our God, our Creator, our Lord, our Savior, so wonderful!

The grant, the help, the business laid out in full,

As time goes on, ICCP with God, will make it bountiful.

Gratefully yours,

ICC Philippines Foundation, Inc

Prepared by;                                                             Noted by;

Arlyn Peñascosas                                                     Lorcel Faigao, RSW

Office Staff                                                           Administrator

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It’s more fun and blessed when you visit International Children’s Care Philippines (ICCP) a Child Care Facility operated by Seventh Day Adventist  at Floridabalanca, Pampanga, Philippines.

In the morning of September 23, 2015 was a surprise to many of us here at ICCP because the visitors we are waiting in an unknown date arrived unexpectedly. Kathy, Dr. Julie and Kara from Guam who were very supportive of these orphan care services came and donated financial help plus many others.  The help we are praying and waiting for.

They were very happy in their visit at ICCP and before leaving they bought the long awaited ICCP needs. The paints for repainting of cottages roof, the soy beans grinder, materials for the repair of screen windows and a lot more.  Indeed, God answers prayer in so many ways!

We are so thankful for the effort that they shared for the sake of the less fortunate children specially the donation for the hospitalization of one of ICCP kid.

Praise God for people like them who allowed themselves to be a channel of God’s blessing!

We are inviting anyone who would like to experience total happiness and have fun in sharing the entrusted blessing from God. If so, kindly send message to or visit  Story/Photos by: KimDemagnaong Edited by: Arlene Penascosas       IMG_20150925_132811                                                   IMG_20150925_132954 IMG_20150929_113226 IMG_20150929_113321

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September 20, 2015 at 10.00 am the group arrived at ICC Philippines. The program started with prayer by Brother Jun Mallorca ICCP Marketing Manager and followed by the inspirational message then the games which the children enjoyed so much. The most awaited was the lucnh sponsored by Christian Couple Circle Pasay City Chapter (CCC).                          IMG_20150920_083746IMG_20150920_112914IMG_20150920_114151IMG_20150920_121708IMG_20150920_113705IMG_20150920_121110

The most exciting was the distribution of shoes and toys. Every kids receive the shoes  including indigent children in the community beside ICCP campus.

Ma’am Keena de Castro who coordinated to Pastor Pedrito G. Magallanes for the visit of the group. They plan to be back by  this coming December 2015.

God bless you,  as you allowed yourself  to be the channel of blessing from our God.

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