It’s more fun and blessed when you visit International Children’s Care Philippines (ICCP) a Child Care Facility operated by Seventh Day Adventist  at Floridabalanca, Pampanga, Philippines.

In the morning of September 23, 2015 was a surprise to many of us here at ICCP because the visitors we are waiting in an unknown date arrived unexpectedly. Kathy, Dr. Julie and Kara from Guam who were very supportive of these orphan care services came and donated financial help plus many others.  The help we are praying and waiting for.

They were very happy in their visit at ICCP and before leaving they bought the long awaited ICCP needs. The paints for repainting of cottages roof, the soy beans grinder, materials for the repair of screen windows and a lot more.  Indeed, God answers prayer in so many ways!

We are so thankful for the effort that they shared for the sake of the less fortunate children specially the donation for the hospitalization of one of ICCP kid.

Praise God for people like them who allowed themselves to be a channel of God’s blessing!

We are inviting anyone who would like to experience total happiness and have fun in sharing the entrusted blessing from God. If so, kindly send message to or visit  Story/Photos by: KimDemagnaong Edited by: Arlene Penascosas       IMG_20150925_132811                                                   IMG_20150925_132954 IMG_20150929_113226 IMG_20150929_113321

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