October 29, 2015

Dear Donors and Sponsors:

Greetings in Christ!

Praise God for everything!

ICCP life is a life of wondrous graces and providences! God has been so gracious!  At the right time, He gives provisions to ICCP through the donors and sponsors like you. Hence, we, at ICCP would like to send you a poem. Hope you’ll like it.

The Heart Throbs of ICCP

God is so good and so you’re good!

God is so loving and so are you!

He’s so sweet and kind as can be seen in you!

Wondrously He watches and gives provisions through you!

When crisis comes, ICCP is not left behind.

To suffice the need, He knows, He shows, He makes the ways!

To perform His ministry, ICCP works, ICCP serves, ICCP prays

With busy hands and longing hearts ICCP goes on hand in hand with the Divine.

Life’s battle at ICCP, really hard as can be

Typhoons, illnesses come unexpectedly, yet, we face them unitedly

Caring for children, the burden we share, demands multitasks more than our hands could bear

Think who would help, suddenly you’re there to answer our prayer.

God’s hand is not short as He has promised.

His ears are not deaf as he has portrayed.

His eyes are everywhere.  His lips tell you to come over.

Loving donors you come and to ICCP you commit and share.

And so, with big hearts, we praise and are grateful

Our God, our Creator, our Lord, our Savior, so wonderful!

The grant, the help, the business laid out in full,

As time goes on, ICCP with God, will make it bountiful.

Gratefully yours,

ICC Philippines Foundation, Inc

Prepared by;                                                             Noted by;

Arlyn Peñascosas                                                     Lorcel Faigao, RSW

Office Staff                                                           Administrator

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