Tree Planting


ICC Philippines Foundation( ICCPF) Orphan Care Facility administrator Lorcel Faigao went  to Department of Environment and Natural Resources( DENR) Region 3 Office to ask assistance of our tree planting program. We were given 100 seedlings of  Cupang and other fruit trees.  We also bought Mahogany seedlings from nearby  supplier.

Last September 2, 2016 ICCP staff and ICC Happy Valley Elementary School (ICCHVES) planted all the seedlings after two weeks of raining and flooding. The teachers carefully instructed the children on the proper way of planting. The students learned how to care for the environment through tree planting and understand that this is a big help to lessen the soil erosion and flood.   The trees should be cared; it is a natural protection against unexpected disaster.

The  place of ICCP is a flooded area every  Habagat rainy season. It might because of the abused of the people by uncontrolled cutting the trees for charcoal and did not plant for replacement. Now, we are calling all people not only in our place but to all Filipinos to plant more trees.

Written by Kim F. Demagnaong, Edited by Lorcel F. Faigao, RSW and Photos by Jenafail G. Hernando

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