icc what we do
ICCP is a Residential Care Facility for orphaned, abused and abandoned children that were rescued and referred by the government through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
ICCP provides a family oriented Children’s Village for the child to live in called “Shining Jewels Children’s Village”.  Loving mom’s and dad’s acting as house parents will nurture and care for these children at homes of up to fifteen children. ICCP focuses on a Christ-centered family values that makes ICCP different, bringing change and meaning to their life.

ICCP works & operates only from the received donations, grants, trusts of the people who love and care for the orphans. We are receiving financial and in-kind donations and volunteerism of the generous  and hearted individuals, companies, charitable institutions, organizations, church offerings, sports teams, youth groups, musical groups and business philanthropy, families and others from local and abroad.

Our programs are: Home Life Care, Education, Spiritual, Nurturing, Medical, Social Services, Sports and recreational.
Our services are:

Provision of food

Shelter and Clothing

Educational Scholarship

Career Training/ Vocation

Medical Mission, Regular Medical & Dental Check up


Psycho-social intervention

Sport fest, Hiking, Camping and etc.