Last February 25, 2015. Pastor Joshua Castillo and his family from Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) Academy Silang, Cavite to International Children’s Care Philippines (ICCP) Pampanga to share the birthday celebration of his son to the ICCP kids.  An average of 4 hours long drive just to do feeding and gift giving for the destitute children here in the orphanage. They enjoyed the trip because of their love for the orphan kids.

Pastor said that “I know ICCP because my brother was the first bookkeeper here. He added that this is the application of what we are always talking from the Bible in the writing of Matthew chapter 25.  The practical service for Jesus”.

Sharing of what we have is the actual demonstration of our love to those who are in need. We will just remember what Jesus said “Come who are blessed, inherit the kingdom which I prepare for you because when I was hungry you feed me, when I was naked you clothed me, when I was sick you visited me.

We are inviting everyone to donate for the cause of the orphans who are in need. The poorest among the poor. The very least. You can give directly to ICC Philippines Foundation Inc. Please contact us in this email

Written and Photos by Kim F. Demagnaong

Edited by Arlene Penascosas



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