Last Saturday March 28, 2015 at almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon International Children’s Care Philippines (ICCP) got lots of visitors. They were TAU GAMMA PHI (TRESKELION) fraternity and sorority organization of DE LASALLE STATE UNIVERSITY AND LETRAN Manila Chapter. Their organization conducted Medical Mission and Gift Giving to the Aetas, ICC families, and other indigent families/individuals nearby ICCP campus.
To open their program Sir Jhun Mallorca rendered a prayer. Then, one of their women shared her testimony on how she survived in spite of being sexually abused by her uncle. Although she felt hopeless, still, she continued on living by the grace of God. When she met Jesus she learned that there is one God who loves her. She added that “next year I will take Bachelor of Science in Social Work and fortunately if I finish such course I promise to return to ICCP”. It is such a challenging testimony!
Another lady led the fun games and the crowd enjoyed it so much. People were so busy. The Gift Giving and Medical Mission went on simultaneously. The Tau Gamma Phi group was very happy giving their services and the whole crowd of recipients was very happy, too. Lots of gifts were distributed. Everyone got a packed bag of canned goods, noodles, and set of hygiene needs, toys and clothes. Cavans of rice, sports equipments, baby wipes, milk, 2 wheel chairs and 1 nebulizer were also given. They also gave medicine packs to each patient.
It was really a great blessing to ICCP, the Aetas, and to the whole community as well. Sitio Bucaran praises God for such people with BIG HEARTS. Thus, the ICCP would like to extend her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the enormous hearts of TAU GAMMA PHI (TRESKELION) led by Mr. Edmund O. Paule, Alumni of TGP for supporting ICCP leading toward the better life of every individual. Keep up your good works, never stop helping. Our Almighty Father guides and blesses your lives, this is our prayer. Amen.
ICCP welcomes anyone who wants to extend a helping hand to change a child’s life toward a better future. Please send message to
Photos & Written by: Kheyen Roy Y. Penales
Edited by: Arlyn Peñascosas






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