Rach Paola- Two months of being a volunteer here at International Children’s Care Philippines Foundation and at ICC blessed home project. Left last Monday February 9, 2015. It was the loneliest time for her and for the children because it was the time to go home. While taking picture the tears can’t be stopped. The children didn’t want to LET HER GO but everything has an end. They just need to wait for her coming back.

“Back in Australia it’s good to be back after a while. Had the deepest sleep last night! …think it’s the post travel hype wearing off haha.
Impossible to sum up the last 2 months in just a FB status, but the main things I’ll say was thing is that it was simply incredible. Learnt SO much, felt SO humbled; in MANY ways.                                                                               
I know I saw and experienced TRUE beauty, for what it REALLY is. Constantly reminded of where true happiness comes from. Met some of the most amazing people, who taught me A LOT.                                                               But yeah life is just big. SO much out there; can’t describe it in a status. It’s something that’s got to be seen and experienced first-hand.                                                                                                                                                     Now what I’ve got to do is APPLY everything I’ve leant and experienced. It’s one thing to experience personally but passing it on is where I believe it becomes most effective. And do MORE! This is what I want my life to revolve around. I’m set on it. Everything else will have to fit in! Haha But yeah, back to aus life, got to get back to my work and plan for the next one! and got to get used to paying in dollars again.                                                                And of course I miss everyone and everything SO much . They’ve got a piece of my heart, but in a good way but that’s only for now” (Rach FB message.)

Rachel we call her, a 24 years old lady from Australia. She did a lot of help while she stayed with us. Her last week was spent in a surfing lesson in one of the famous beach in Baler, Province of Aurora. Yes, you too can do the same.

Anyone there that would like to experience a humble service to the destitute children, we are inviting you to be volunteers here at ICC Philippines Foundation and see what big things you can do. Just give us a message here at shiningjewelsiccp@gmail.com .

Wrtten & Photos By: Kim F. Demagnaong

Edited By: Arlene Penascosas

IMG_0870 IMG_0867 IMG_0866 IMG_0860

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