Did you experienced giving an extravagant gift? Did you experience giving everything you have for the Lord? In Jesus time, there was a beggar who offered all her livelihood to God. Everything she has was given as her extravagant gift. That time the two mites were the only wealth she has and yet she has given them all.
Likewise, Jesus is the first model of giving an extravagant gift when he offered his life for the cause of saving human race from the bondage of sin.
Giving financial support to the orphans at International Children’s Care Philippines (ICCP) is an extravagant gift because this fund will save the lives of the poorest among the poor children from poverty. In the same way, your gift will sustain their food, education and residential care.
If you are inspired to give your extravagant gift to ICCP orphans. Kindly deposit it to Philippine National Bank ICC PHILIPPINES FOUNDATION INC 19-271-470001-2 or send thru Western Union, LBC, Palawan Express and please send us your message to this email thanks and God bless.

Written By Kim F. Demagnaong

Edited By Arlene Penascosas

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